Purity: Day 2

Purity. It is the virtue that allows us to glimpse the God. Growing in purity can be likened to a clean mirror. Clean mirrors allow us to see ourselves for who we really are, perceiving our faces and our bodies. However, dirty mirrors obscure sight, making it difficult to see purity. The virtue of purity allows us to see God, ourselves and the transcendental more clearly in our world.

Growing in purity. This is a different animal than defining a virtue. To grow in purity can be likened to having a skylight. It funnels the light into a home allowing for people to more clearly see,it brightens the home and gives it a freshness and radiance. So it is with the virtue of purity. When we grow in purity it is though we allow light to flood into the depths of our souls. And it is here we don’t recognize our purity so necessarily, so much as we are unbounded from the stains and blemishes on our souls, the sad fate of our fallen nature.