Growing in Humility: How?

What is the mark of humility, what would it look like? In a company, one example would be the boss of the company. With so many important things to do it would be easy for the boss just to have someone else take out the trash. A humble boss refuses this and, trying to not put himself above other people, takes out his own trash. This really captures humility well. From this example we can draw that being humble at work isn’t about being extraordinary, it’s about a willingness to be ordinary and acceptance of this. But here’s a question, how do we grow in humility?

I like gardening. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always seen something special in it. I think an appreciation of nature is just a part of human nature, and gardening is a way we can put an artistic touch on the world around us. To me, it’s beautiful – seeing food grow where you worked. From thinking about the different stages in growth, there seem to be four major steps; (1) tilling the soil, (2) planting the seeds, (3) feeding the plants, and (4) harvesting. To begin reasoning how to grow in humility, maybe a good place to start is with looking at how we might ’till the soil’ in order to prepare ourselves to become more humble. That’s a blog post for another time though.